Monday, May 4, 2015

Therapy session #2

Guten Tag, my friends.  Vonce again, I am Professor  Dogmund Freud, Dogtor of Psychology und therapist und friend to troubled dogs everyvair.  

Did you know I vonce verked vith a very famous television dog?  I cannot tell you her name, of course.  But after her TV show vas over, she came to me vith recurrent nightmares in vich her master, a young human boy, alvays got stuck down a vell.  Can you imagine?  Everytime you sleep, you dream about your master gettingk stuck down a vell.  A terrible thingk, ja?...

But I digress.  Thank you for joiningk me today.  Today vee continue our zessions vith Mr. Spunky Bones Dog.  Again, if you remember, he has graciously agreed to allow recordingk of his zessions.

Guten Tag, Spunky.

"Hi, Doc.  Good to see you again."

Gut to zee you, too.  Zo tell me:  How haf you been doingk since our last meetingk?

"Pretty well, thanks.  I try to remember what you told me, about uniqueness being on the inside, not just the outside."

Das ist gut.  Haf you seen your brothers again since last time?

"Yup.  In fact, we're going to play golf together this weekend."  

Fantastisch!  It zounds like you are gettingk along vell.

"Yeah.  They're all really great to talk to.  Well, except for Bill."  

He is still zee quiet vun, eh?

"You bet.  Can't get a word out of him.  But actually, Doc, today I wanted to ask you about some dreams I've been having."

Of course.  Haf a seat.  Are you comfortable?  Gut.  Now...tell me about zees dreams.

"Well, one of them is pretty scary.  I'm being chased, but no matter how hard I try to run, I can't move."

Vow.  Very scary indeed.  Vat is chasingk you?  Can you describe it?   

"I don't know.  I never get a good look at it.  I just know it's after me, and it's up to no good."

You hesitate.

"Don't laugh."

Of course not.

"Um...whatever it is, it's a lot bigger than me."

Mmmm-hmmm.  Imagine zat.

“Sorry?  What did you say?”

Err…nothing.  Yes.  Zis is most fascinatingk, Spunky.  I think vee must explore this further if vee are to make any breakthroughs.  Next time vee meet, I haf an exercise I vood like to do vith you...


  1. Hmm, a scary dream where something is chasing you. I hope the Dogter can help Spunky out.

  2.!headlines your in the mamaz day edishun of the teddy tedaloo times!

  3. All I got to say is... as long as whatever is chasing you is NOT Miss Piggy, you're probably good...