Monday, May 25, 2015

Carrots' evaluation form

"Hey, guys?  Do you have a minute?" Carrots asked.

Certainly.  What's up?

"Well, now that I've been here for a while and feel more settled, I think we should start working on my Easter Bunny Skills Evaluation.  Can you look at it with me?  I have a copy right here."

Sure, let's do that.  Wow, this is quite an extensive list...

Well, okay.  Hmmm.  It says here that the first thing we have to check for is whether you have the "necessary cuteness" to be an Easter Bunny.

Carrots looked worried.  "How are we going to decide that?"

Just stay put for a minute.  We'll back up and take a look...

 What do you think, guys?

"I think he's got it covered," Patch said.

Agreed.  Cuteness...check.  What's next on the list, Spunky?

"Fluffiness," Spunky replied.

Oh, that's an easy one to check, too.  Again, just stay put, Carrots.

Mmmm.  Pretty fluffy over here on my side.  What about you, Patch?

"Plenty of fluff over here too," Patch said.


"This is a very fluffy bunny tummy," Spunky replied.

It's unanimous.  Fluffiness...check.
Seems like Carrots is off to a great start on his skills evaluation!  But the items are going to get harder and harder as time goes by.  We'll keep working on his skills so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a full-fledged Easter Bunny.

Till next time...


  1. Carrots has a serious evaluation ahead of her. I am impressed with how well she has done so far. If she passes will her paperwork be processed in time for next Easter?

    1. I'm confident we can do the evaluation in a timely fashion. Whether or not the paperwork goes processed in know how government agencies can be...

  2. I would give carrots an score of "excellent" on most of those categories. I can't speak to the huggability aspect!

  3. It's quite a strict evaluation. I'm sure he is going to be fine...but we are going to do a thorough job and not skimp over anything, just in case.