Monday, March 16, 2015

Therapy session

Guten Tag, my friends, und vellcome.  My name iz Professor Dogmund Freud, Dogtor of Psychology.  

Perhaps you haf heard of my rezearch?  I am most famous for my verk vith Pavlov's dogs.  Many of zees poor dogs haf asked me to help them reverse the effects of Pavlov's initial trainingk, so that they no longer drool when a bell ringks.  Can you imagine-- every time a bell ringks, you drool uncontrollably!  A terrible thingk, ja?...
But I digress.  Today it seemz I haf a new client.  He has graciously agreed to allow recordingk of zis session, as he hopes ozers vill benefit from his experience.

So, Mr...Spunky, is it?  How can I help you today?

"Well, Doc...this is a new experience for me.  I've never seen a therapist before.  I feel...shy."

I understand.  Zat is a perfectly normal reaction.  

"But I really need to talk to somebody about what's been going on over the last few weeks.  It's just been so...overwhelming..."   

I see.  Vell, vhy don't you lie down and get comfortable, und vee'll start from the beginningk? Anytime you're ready.
"Well, Doc, it started a couple of weeks ago, when I found out for the first time that I have three long-lost brothers."

My goodness.  That must haf been quite a shock. 

"It was!  And not only that...but we're identical.  Same ears, same fur, same eyebrows...we all look the same!"

Zat zeems to bother you.

"Well, yes!  I  mean, for most of my life, I thought I was special and unique."

I see.  So you feel that you are less unique now?

"Kind of, I guess."

Zis may zeem off-topic, but tell me about your hobbies.  

"Well, I like to listen to opera.  Mostly Poochini.  And anything sung by Luciano Poodlerotti or Placido Dogmingo." 

Und vat what do your brothers like to do?

"Well, one of them is an electrician, so I guess he plays with circuits and wires.  Another one is a paranormal investigator, so I guess he hunts ghosts.  And the last one...I don't know what he does.  He doesn't talk much.  Maybe he's a professional mime."

Vell.  It zounds to me as though your interests are quite different from your ziblings'.

"I guess..."

So even though the four of you look the same on the outside, you are certainly different on the inside, ja?

"...Huh.  I never thought of it that way before."

Vat makes you special is not on the outside, Spunky.  It's vat's inside that makes you unique.  

"Yeah.  Wow, thanks, Doc.  I feel much better already."

Das ist gut.  Vee are making progress.  Vell, ve're almost out of time for today...vee vill continue this another time, ja?  Call me if you need me...


  1. So glad you got a specialist (and apparently one from Germany as well) to help Spunk out with his problems. Hopefully, he can have a productive friendship with his brothers.

  2. I sure hope so. Spunky seems a little calmer already, which I think is a good sign. Vee vill--uh, I mean we will--see how it goes.

  3. Wow! Dogtor Freud - you definitely called in some high-powered help for Spunky. I glad he's feeling a littl... umm... a tiny bi... umm... a whole bunch better! The Dogtor had some very good advice which I will take to heart as well.

  4. Hee hee, nice verbal recovery, Sandy! :) Yes, I think the Dogtor made some good points. Everybody is unique in their own way.