Sunday, April 26, 2015

A tail of three dogs...conclusion

Hey, what's up, dogs?  Last time we left you with a cliffhanger...again.  Spunky and Patch had noticed that my tail bends waaaaaaay to the right...

...and Spunky had gone on the Internet to search for possible causes. 

And he found something.  

"Mmm-hmm," he muttered.  "Very interesting."

What???  What's interesting???  Is it something bad???  Do I have a serious illness???  Do I need surgery???... 

"No, no," Spunky said quickly.  "Here.  Look at this article."

Patch and I crowded around to get a closer look.

"According to this article," said Spunky, "some scientists did a study on dog communication and tail wagging.  The dogs who wagged to the right seemed happier and friendlier."

Oh.  So if my tail bends waaaaaaaay to the right....

"I guess it means you're an extremely happy and friendly dog," Patch said.  

"Which we knew already," Spunky added.  "That's why you're our best friend."

Awwww....thanks guys.  You're the best!

Whew.  It's such a relief to know there's nothing seriously wrong with my tail.  

"So are you thinking about getting it straightened?" Patch asked.  

Nah, I'm not going to get it straightened.  As long as it's healthy, I'll just keep wagging to the right.  It means I'm happy, right?

Till next time!


  1. Wow - that is absolutely fascinating! I had no idea there was a difference between tail wags. I will have to pay attention when next I see a dog... I wonder if there have been studies done on cats? Good thing to know you are a very happy and friendly dog!

    1. It is interesting, isn't it? Since you asked, I looked for this article on cat communication as well:

      (I hope you realize how unusual it is for me to research anything about cats...)

    2. Thanks for the cat link - that is helpful information to have for a stuffie!

      By the way... does the dog tail thing mean that Patches and Spunk are... less happy and friendly??

    3. Err....hmm. That is a good question. I personally think they are very happy and friendly! I can think of some situations in which being *too* happy and *too* friendly might be a bad thing. For instance, I am probably not cut out to be a guard dog...

  2. After reading the article Sequoia's tail wags mostly to the right. Periodically, it's to the left....but I guess we can all have bad days.

    Glad to see you are keeping the tail the way it is, I imagine Pet Insurance doesn't cover cosmetic surgery.

    1. Sequoia looks like a very happy dog in general, so that sounds about right.

      Yeah, I'm not doing anything with the tail. I don't even think I have an insurance card! Will have to check with my human.