Monday, May 11, 2015

A guest host, and caffeine overload

...know why I have to do it.  Why can't you ask Spunky to--

(Psst, Patch!)


(We're rolling!  You're on the air!)


Oh.  Oh, er, um.  Hello there.  Everyone.  How are  I am fine.

(No, no.  You're supposed to say, "What's up, dogs?")

Oh.  Okay.  Er...What's up.  Dogs.
...Sorry.  I'm not good at this.

(You're doing fine.  Just relax.)

Uh...what should I say now?

(Why don't you explain why you're guest hosting the blog today?)

Oh.  Right.  Well, you see, ordinarily it would be Droopy here in front of the camera, but he's, um...

Oh man.  What's that word again?

(What word?)

You know, the big long word that means you're sick. Starts with an "I"?

(Incapacitated?  Inebriated?  Indisposed?)

 Indisposed!  That's it.


(Actually, come to think of it, "inebriated" works well in this case, too.)

Inebriated?  What does that mean?


Oh.  Yeah, I guess you're right.  

Ahem.  Well, you see, a while back, we got a cappuccino drink pack in the mail from Little Fox...

...and our human decided to try it.  So she brewed up a nice cup of joe...

Er...sorry about that.  And then she left it out on the counter.  Unattended. Which, if you ask me, was not a very good idea. 

(Hey!  It was only for a minute.  I had to answer the phone!)

I'm just calling it like I see it.
(Whatever.  Let's move on.  A little less editorializing, okay?) make a long story short, Droopy decided to try the cappuccino too.

And as you can see, he's now completely off the wall.  Our human says it's from the caffeine.  That's why I had to fill in for him today. long do you think it'll be before the caffeine wears off?

(No idea.  Could be hours.  Could be days.)

Oh dear.  Well, um...that's the end of the story, so I guess I'll be signing off now.  Don't worry...I'm sure Droopy will be back to normal the next time you hear from us.  I mean, I hope....


  1. Oh my, that's a lot of caffeine for a little dog. Perhaps you should take a LONG walk around the neighborhood to burn off the caffeine???

  2. HiLittleFoxthatsoundslikeagreatideaI'llhavemyhumangetonthatrightaway!

  3. Oh dear... what to say... well, let's see. Patch, you did an AWESOME job as a stand-in host. Absolutely awesome... and having to contend with comments from the director/producer while fending off an "indisposed" dog... well, I think you deserve a medal for that!

  4. Great job Patch. Was Spunky running the camera?