Tuesday, April 14, 2015



  1. What restaurant can you get that at? I took a picture of Bacon Jam I saw at a market a few days ago but my roommates lost the picture. I tried the jam, it wasn't really good (not enough bacon).

  2. This particular ad is from Jack in the Box. We don't have any of those in my area of the country, but my human saw that Sonic has (or had) a similar product. I think I know where I want to take my next field trip!!!

  3. We have Jack in the Boxes on the West Coast, maybe I can mail one to you? On second thought, maybe you and the gang should take a small trip West. Until you come West here is a recipe to try at home. It must be good because it starts with a pound of bacon!


    1. Oh wow! *drool*
      Hmm. I see this recipe requires use of a blender. Do you think I should print this recipe out and leave it lying around where my human can find it? She's the one with the opposable thumbs.

  4. Oh wow! I think you need to plot the nearest location, strap on your machete, grab your human and head off!