Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring has sprung!

Hey, what's up dogs?  Crocodile Dogdee here.  I was just making my usual daily rounds of the property, securing it against rogue reptiles and such, when I found evidence that the seasons are changing.  Here's what I mean:

Daffodils.  I know a particular pair of little bears who will appreciate these.

And flowers.  I don't know what they're called.  I'm a survivalist, not a botanist.  All I know is, they look nice against my fur.

Does anyone know what they're called?

Whew!  It was really warm in my camo gear today.  More evidence that spring has sprung!  I'll probably need to change outfits soon. 

Till next time!


  1. Nice photos!! You look beary good against yellow too. Those purple thingies are hyacinths - they smell nice sometimes...

  2. Are those little flowers Crocuses?