Monday, July 27, 2015

Therapy session #5--Advantages of Spunky's size

Guten Tag, everyone.  Vellcome back to another therapy session.  As alvays, I am Professor Dogmund Freud, Dogtor of Psychology und therapist und friend to troubled dogs everyvair.  

Vell, Spunky, last time you had some trouble comingk up with good thingks about being your size.  Do you remember?

"Yes I do, Doc."

Und then vee sent out an appeal for help to our blog audience.  Vee had a very robust response...many goot suggestions.  Vhy don't vee go over them together?

"Sure, that sounds good.  I'm curious to hear what they came up with."

Very vell.  First, vee had zee followingk comment:  

When the dog treat jar is quite deep, I would think Spunky could crawl right down into it and get at the dog treats, whereas bigger dogs would be unable to do that.

"Oh, wow," Spunky said.  "That's a really good point.  I didn't think of that." 

Jawohl.  Zat could actually be lifesavingk, in a starvation situation.  Here's another vun:

Smaller dogs also fit better into human bags, thus making it more likely that they will have grand adventures outside.
"I guess I am travel-size," Spunky admitted.

Und here iz vun final comment: 
If you lose something under the couch, Spunky can fit under there and retrieve it.  

"Like what?" Spunky asked.

Vell...thumbtacks, for example.  Pens und pencils.  Rings und uzzer small joovelry items.  Und, last but not least, spare change.

 "Oooo....I think I like that one the best!" Spunky exclaimed.  "You're right...maybe being small does have its advantages."

Jawohl.  It iz zimply a matter of perspectif.  Vell, that is all zee time vee haf for now.  Keep lookingk for vays your size verks to your advantage, ja?  Until next time, zen...



  1. Whoo-hoo!!! Party at Spunky's place - he's buying honey meade for all stuffies!!

  2. He's been rooting around under the furniture and between the sofa cushions since yesterday, looking for change.

    1. Party? Oh that would be fun. I hope he finds enough change to fly us all out first class.

  3. Those are the best spots. But don't forget... ah-hem... when you're being carried around in a handbag, have a beary careful snoop in there too.

  4. I must say Dogter that you are very good - I imagine it's hard to cure someone in only five sessions. Bravo!

    1. Zanks for your kind verds. I hope, as you do, zat Spunky can learn to see his size as an advantage, not a limitation.