Monday, July 13, 2015

Dog park

Hey, what's up, dogs?  My human is a homebody by nature, but this week I persuaded her to take me out.   

Ah, here we are.  This is the only public place in our county where a dog can run about without a leash.  Strict, huh?

Do you see the dog racing around in the grassy enclosure on the other side of the fence?  He looks like he's having fun.  Hurry up and let me in there! 

But first, my worrywart human paused to look at the rules.  Are we violating any statutes?  I hope not.

Finally she opened the gate and let me in. Yes!'s a good day to be in the park.  It's warm, but not too hot, and there's a nice breeze.  Smell that grass!  Feel that earth! 

And look...we made a new friend!   
My new friend's human looked at me a little funny.  It must be because I'm wearing a hat.  

After I'd run around to my heart's content, it was time to head home.  But before I made it all the way inside, my human once again displayed her worrywart tendencies by reminding me to check myself for ticks...

 ...and to wash my dirty paws.

A fun day!  I'll have to convince her to take me on more trips in the future...

 Where's your favorite park?


  1. a fun outing Droopy! be sure to scrub well behind your ears

  2. Parks are great, but I am a fan of the beach.

  3. Ohh... so many parks, so little time! I like parks with lots of trees... although beach parks are good too! At least you made a new friend... I have yet to meet another bear while out on a walk!

  4. I noticed rule #8 said to properly display a dog license, errr was your license in the shop?

    1. Uh...oops. I mean...the license was hidden under my shirt. Yeah. That's where it was. Yeah.

    2. *Sigh of relief* that was a close call.

  5. Right... under your shirt... like dog tags right?

  6. Exactly. See, Sandy's got my back.

  7. the #peejayday edishun iz out and your in it!