Monday, August 3, 2015

Car show

Hey, what's up, dogs?  This week I took Grandpa Angus sightseeing in town, because there was an event I thought he might like--a car show.   Some townspeople parked their old cars along Main Street for others to look at and enjoy.

Hey Grandpa, which car do you like best?

"Eh, laddie, there are so many choices!  Incredible machines, they are."

 "But...I think this one's me favorite," Grandpa announced.  

Good choice, Grandpa!  Here, let me take a photo of you with it.

Hey, look at this reminds me of Ajdin's new car
Here's a Passionate Purple car: 

And hey...look at this!  It's a Spunky-sized car.  (Don't tell Spunky I said that.)

Well, it looks like we've come to the end of the...
Wait a minute.  Do you see what I see???

Oh man.  I NEED a picture with this Jeep.  I mean, I'm already dressed for it.

The owner of this Jeep is a U.S. military veteran.  We thanked him for his service and asked if I could take a picture with his vehicle.  He was very nice and agreed right away. 

Hey Grandpa, take my photo, will you?

"Certainly, me lad.  Ready?  Okay, say 'BACON'!"


Wow, that's a great shot, Grandpa!  Thanks!  That was so doggone cool.

Which of the cars above do you like the best?...



  1. cool cars Droopy. when will you get your own car?

    1. Hmmm, good question. Right now I'm pretty content to let my human do the driving.

  2. I like the second care the best mainly for the color.

    The camouflage on the jeep sure blends into your hat well.

    1. I know, it's a good match right? It was a lucky photo op.

  3. Welll.... I am partial to green so I think the green one. That tiny little one would be perfect for Hammie and/or Spunky!

    1. The green one is nice all right. There were so many cool cars, it was hard to choose.

    2. The cool thing about the tiny one was that it apparently came with a suitcase attached to the back of the car.