Monday, August 24, 2015

Another "crack" at it

"Hey, Droopy, do you have a moment?" Carrots asked.

Sure, what's up?

"Well, I didn't do so well on my last Easter egg hiding test.  But I took your advice, and I've been practicing a lot since last time.  Can I show you?"

Of course!   

"Awesome!  So...first, come outside with me.  Notice anything about this bush?"

Aha.  Over on the right....that's an egg.  Hey, pretty good hide job, Carrots.
"Thanks.  It's not my best work, but...this green doesn't match very well.

"Anyway...come over to this flowerbed, here. See anything interesting?"

Aha!  I found them, but it was a challenge.  Very clever, Carrots.

"Last one," Carrots said.  "Let's go back inside to the kitchen, here.  What do you see?"

This is the kitchen table.  And a plate of orange candles.

"Are you sure?" Carrots asked.  "Look very carefully."

Oooooh...I see it now.  Do you see it, viewers? 
Nicely done, Carrots!  You have definitely improved your egg-hiding skills. 

"Yes!" Carrots exclaimed, pumping his fist. 

What do you think, viewers?  Has Carrots improved enough to pass his exam?...


  1. Excellent job!!! I have to say that is creative hiding... Carrots doesn't just hide it out of sight... but rather in plain sight but camouflaged. That is super sneaky!

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    1. Thanks Ajdin. If I'm not mistaken, National Teddy Bear Day is on September 9th...