Monday, June 8, 2015

Carrots' evaluation form #2--smiles and bows

Hey, what's up, dogs!  Welcome back to the blog.  Today we're forging ahead with Carrots' evaluation form.  

As you may remember from last time, Carrots handily passed the "cuteness" and "fluffiness" portions of his evaluation.  

What's next?  

"Looks like...'cheerful attitude,' " Patch said, reading from the form.

That should be easy.  Just give us a big smile, Carrots.  Show us your teeth!

"Okay!" Carrots said, and grinned happily.

There you go!  Perfect.  "Cheerful attitude"...check.  Next?

"It says...'grooming and photo-readiness," Spunky said.

Ah yes.  A crucial point.  Easter Bunnies take lots of photos, so a neat and professional appearance is very important.  

"I have an idea that will help," Spunky suggested.  He disappeared for a moment and re-appeared with...

...a length of ribbon.  

"What's that for?" Carrots asked.

"Just watch," Spunky replied. 

Oooh, very nice touch, Spunky! I think Carrots is ready for his closeup now.  

Let's test out the new look on camera.  Our human will take a picture.  

Ready?  Everybody say "BACON!" 

Errr...except for you, Carrots.  You can say, uh, well, "CARROTS!"

 Till next time!



  1. That is quite the grin, Carrots! By the way Droop... do you have a snail-mail address you could send me? littlecanadianbear at

  2. Glad that Carrots is coming along nicely in the evaluation. Speaking of Bacon, I saw a Maple Bar Bacon donut and thought of you.