Monday, June 22, 2015

Carrots' evaluation form #3--Hugging technique

Hey, what's up, dogs?  We're back to help Carrots with his evaluation form again today.  

Today's topic is...hmmm...proper hugging technique, "with comfortable pressures for a variety of client shapes and sizes."  

That's a good point.  I guess Easter Bunnies encounter all sorts of people and stuffies in their travels.  Fortunately, Patch, Spunky, and I are all different sizes, so Carrots will get to practice.  How's that sound, Carrots?

"Sounds good.  Let's do it!" Carrots said.

Patch, you want to go first?

"Sure," Patch agreed.  "Go ahead, Carrots." 

"You can squeeze a little harder," Patch offered.  "I didn't feel anything."

"A little more," Patch said.

"There, that's good," Patch said.  "Perfect."

Great.  All right, Spunky, you're up.  Go for it, Carrots.

"Urk!" Spunky squeaked.

Oops!  Carrots, quick, ease off a bit.  Remember, Spunky's not as...uh...robust as Patch. 

"Oh no!  Sorry, Spunky!" Carrots exclaimed, and quickly let go. 

"No...problem..." Spunky gasped.

"How's that?  Is that better?"

"Much better," Spunky said.  "Thanks."

Okay, my turn.  Now, Carrots, remember what you've learned. I'm not as big as Patch, but I'm not as, uh, travel-size as Spunky.  So go for something in between.  Got it?

"Got it," Carrots nodded.

Here we go...

"How's that?" Carrots asked anxiously.

Ahhh.  That's nice.  What a good hug.  You have learned well, my young Padawan.

Carrots looked blank.  "Huh?"

Oh.  Sorry.  I guess you're not a Star Wars fan, eh?  Well, in any case, I think you pass.  Another checkmark on your evaluation form,'re getting close!

Till next time!


  1. Excellent job Carrots, you are making good progress. The last evaluation is the toughest, you know easter egg concealment. It's going to be even tougher practicing this at Droopy's house since all dogs have excellent abilities to hunt out items (food, treats etc.), Good luck Carrots, I am crossing my paws.

  2. Good job Carrots! And as Little Fox says... it might be touch hiding things at Droop's place since they've been doing all that cleaning.

  3. Mmmm, you guys both make excellent points. I think Patch has a bit of basset hound in him, so he may be a very good tracker. And the massive dust bunnies are gone now, so we can see into every little corner...