Thursday, January 29, 2015

You oughta be in pictures.

Hey, what's up, dogs? Recently I submitted an entry to Little Fox's 1st Annual Stuffy Film Festival. Many thanks to Little Fox for sponsoring this contest! 

Here's a production still of me and Al the Gator on the set of our movie, Crocodile Dogdee.

I would like to thank Al for always treating me as a fellow professional (and not as a snack) during the production of our film. 

I'll post a link to my complete film and the other entries after the results are in.  I can't wait to see the other entries...have to stock up on popcorn.

Till next time!

UPDATE!  Click here to navigate to the other entries, and here for Crocodile Dogdee!


  1. Are you at home or in the jungles of South America in that picture?

  2. Erm, actually we're in the jungles of South Staircase Landing. It was a low-budget film...

  3. Saw your entry on Little Fox's blog - beary well done! I rather liked the build-up of suspense... and then Al the Gator revealed his super-big knife!