Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A trip to the craft store.

Hey, what's up, dogs?  Yesterday my pet human announced that she was going on a field trip, and that I could tag along.  I wonder where we're going?

Oh, it's the craft store.  She always enjoys coming here, but she doesn't usually bring me along.  

Time to play!

Fabulous, dah-ling.  Let's do lunch.


I've got my EYE on you!

Wow, this place is great. But it's huge.  My paws got sore and I needed a break, so my human dropped me off in a nice comfy spot to let me rest.

Ahhh. Nice and soft!  

Now I wonder what my human came to this store to get?...

Till next time!


  1. Field trips are the best. I hope i get to take one to a bakery soon.

  2. Field trips are definitely amazing - maybe next time she'll take you to the butcher?