Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A closer look...

Hey, what's up dogs?  Today my human has found a new toy for me to play with.  It's a magnifying glass!

Whenever I think of magnifying glasses, I think of those great detectives, Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Sandy, who use them to look for clues.

I have found that this magnifying glass is very useful for examining small details.  Observe...

This print is awfully tiny and hard to read.  But with the power of the magnifying glass, I can make it out, no problem.

This dollar bill seems really suspicious to me.  How do I know if someone's given me "funny money"?  The magnifying glass lets me check for tiny features in the paper, so I can tell whether it's counterfeit.

Hmm.  I wonder what other small things I can enlarge with this magnifying glass?...

Spunky:  "HEY!  Cut it out!"

Whoops.  Better put it away!

Till next time!


  1. Poor spunky, being a little stuffy myself I know the pain he is going through (my friend Drunk Fox is much larger). Just tell him us little stuffies get the biggest adventures and have the most fun.

    1. I guess you are right, Little Fox. The smaller one is, the bigger the world must seem...

  2. Oh wow!! That is a super cool magnifying glass. I do need to find one for my Sherlock adventures. Of course, I've had hardly any time for to think of any mysteries given the home improvement projects I've had to supervise. I think Mama is trying to keep me busy so I won't get demanding... hmmm....

    1. I'll keep an eye out for a Sandy-size magnifier!