Saturday, June 9, 2018

An out of this world postcard

Hey, what's up, dogs?  Recently got a postcard from our friend Ajdin, who went to the Air and Space Museum and saw the Space Shuttle Discovery.  
I wonder how his bid to become an astrobear is going?  I know it's a very competitive selection process, and there's a lot of rigorous training involved.  I'll keep my paws crossed for you, buddy!

Till next time...


  1. If any of us is up for space travel it's Ajdin. He certainly has a good support team at his place.

  2. We were just a bit worried that Ajdin has appropriate snacks for his space trip...clearly, we stuffies have to organize that, since leaving it to human seKretaries might lead to less-than-desireable snacks.

    1. Well, I made a point to get him some astronaut ice cream some time ago...

  3. Ajdin is such an accomplished bear... nice to know that we are his pals. Maybe we can be the first astro-bear tourists!