Thursday, March 29, 2018

Going for the gold

Hey, what's up, dogs?  We got an envelope in the mail the other day from Ajdin.  It's our prize from the 2018 Stuffie Winter Olympics DOGSLEDDING event. 

Wow...look at that!  Gold medals!  I didn't think you could send those in the regular mail.  And uninsured, no less.  Gutsy move, Ajdin.
Spunky says he wants to talk to the Olympic Committee about discrepancy between his medal and the rest.
Thanks, Ajdin! 


  1. Congratulations! We think, since you did such a great job and won all those medals, that your seKretaries should take you out for a great dinner....or a wonderful 2 week vacation to Europe...

  2. Congrats guys! As for Spunky and his medal size... perhaps his medal has better quality gold to compensate???