Friday, June 16, 2017

P.O.U.N.D. briefing

(continued from last time...)

"I, Sergeant Spike, hereby call to order this emergency meeting of Pooches Organized for United National Defense, also known as P.O.U.N.D."

"Agents, thank you all for coming so quickly.  You have been summoned here because of a recent event that threatens the well-being of dogs everywhere.

"As you may or may not know, a few weeks ago, a feline calling himself Baron Leopold Pounce De Leon von Katzenheimer threatened the existence of a rather substantial pile of dog biscuits."

"Mon Dieu!" gasped the agent from France.  
"Indeed, Agent Fifi.  You can understand why the top brass is so concerned."

A dachshund spoke up.  "Sergeant Spike.  What do we know about this so-called Baron?" 
"Very little, Agent Digger.   We've run a search through APIS--the Automated Pawprint Identification System--and with the exception of one charge of driving under the influence of catnip, he has no prior record.

"I have here a photo of the Baron and his niece, Katnip Evergreen.  Her record is significant only for minor scratching post violations."

The next question came from the Doggsey Twins.  "Sergeant?  Do we know their location?"

The Sergeant grunted.  "Not yet.  But we have an interesting lead.  While numerous broadcast channels were hijacked during the Baron's ultimatum, our technical staff informs me that the main signal piggybacked on one specific blogger's computer IP address. 

"Here is a picture of that blogger.  We've identified him as Droopy W. Dog, a.k.a. Crocodile Dogdee, a.k.a. Drill Sergeant Droopy, a.k.a. DJ Droop Dogg. 
"We've also identified his home address, which just happens to be in your vicinity, Agent Sparky."  

Agent Sparky nodded.  "What do you need me to do?"

"Visit this Droopy W. Dog.  Get permission to access his computer and see if you can triangulate the source of the Baron's signal."

"On it," Agent Sparky said immediately.

"Very good.  I knew I could count on you," Sergeant Spike rumbled.  

"We're almost done here.  Just one last thing...

"Once we've found the location of the Baron, we'll still have the task of rescuing the threatened dog biscuits.  It may be dangerous.  I've asked the top brass to assemble a team, but with all the red tape involved, there's no guarantee they'll do so before the Baron's deadline.

"As much as I hate to resort to vigilante justice, we may have no choice.  Therefore...I want every one of you to search for the hero known as THE BARK KNIGHT.  He may be our only hope..."



  1. P.O.U.N.D. is a highly organized group of dogs. Whenever I see a group of dogs out and about they are always sniffing, chasing each other, or playing.

    I think enlisting the help of the Dark Knight, um I mean Bark Knight will be a good solution.

    1. Agent Sparky here. Yes, it sounds as though you have mainly had contact with civilian canines.

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  2. Oh boy... will the dog biscuits be saved in time??? The suspense is killing me! By the way... am I detecting some... um... chemistry between Agent Digger and Agent Fifi...