Monday, June 5, 2017

An emergency meeting

In a secret underground location...

*beep beep*

(electronic female voice:) "Pawprint confirmed.  Please hold still for retinal scan."

*whirr, whirr, ka-CHINK*

(electronic female voice:)  "Identity match confirmed.  Welcome, Agent Sparky.  Doors opening.  Please proceed inside."


"Ah, there you are, Sparky.  Good--now we're all here."

"Hello, Sergeant Spike, fellow agents.  Am I late?"
"Not at all.  You're right on time.  Anyway, let's get started.  I, Sergeant Spike, hereby call to order this emergency meeting of Pooches Organized for United National Defense, also known as P.O.U.N.D...."

(to be continued)


  1. This looks like an exciting adventure...we can't wait to read the next installment!

  2. P.O.U.N.D.has a nice looking clubhouse. Is that Snoopy on the far left of the picture?

  3. Agent Sparky here. The agent on the far left is not Snoopy, although I agree, there's a strong resemblance...

    1. Agent Sparky, there is a certain cat that likes to use our backyard as his bathroom - is this something P.O.U.N.D. could work on after it retrieves the biscuits?

      Sequoia is following closely to make sure those dog biscuits get returned safely.

    2. Right now the Baron von Katzennheimer threat is our top priority. However, P.O.U.N.D. will take your case under advisement.

  4. Agent Sparky, my cousin, Daisy, says she's not getting enough walks and that the ones she gets, are too short. Can you help with that? Spooky would like to state, for the record, that she is not related to Baron von Katzenheimer!