Monday, October 3, 2016

Mail call.

Hey, what's up, dogs?  Today we got a couple of pieces of mail from our friend Ajdin.  First up, a postcard from his recent road trip to Chincoteague Island, Virginia.  I hear that place is famous for its wild ponies.  Nice!

The second piece of mail is a package that bears a postmark from Singapore.  What??  Singapore?  When did he visit there?...  

Oh, I see now.  He sent us a prize for our Stuffie Olympics bronze medal finish...and it looks like it was mail-ordered from Singapore.  

It's a little notebook that says, "The best therapist has fur and four legs."

I couldn't agree more!  I know a certain furry,  four-legged psychotherapist who could use this book to record his patient notes.... 

Anyway, thanks for the mail, Ajdin!  See you next time, everyone!


  1. Cool booklet - it's perfect for Dogtor Freud.

  2. Wow! Nice! It's too bad there isn't a bear therapist out there. I'm struggling on not mauling my sekrebeary for being so far behind on posts and comments! Do you think that's an anger issue?

    1. Mmmm. Perhaps you should do a guided imagery meditation that includes pictures of honey and hot chocolate.