Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In search of a sidekick, continued

Previously, on THE BARK KNIGHT...

And now, on today's episode of THE BARK KNIGHT...our hero's search for a suitable sidekick continues...

Greetings, citizens.  It is I, the Bark Knight...and I am here today with our first potential sidekick candidate, Patch Benjamin Dog.  Thanks for coming in, Patch.  

"T-thanks for inviting me for an interview."

All rightlet's go through the qualifications of the job.  Are you available nights and weekends?

"Y-yes.  Yes I am."

And are you resourceful and justice-minded?

"I suppose..."

And are you brave?

"Er...No.  I don't really think so."

Hmm.  Well, unfortunately this may not be the right position for you.  Thank you for your interest, though.  Could you show the next applicant in, please?...

Hello, Carrots.

"Wow, hi, Droo--uh, I mean, Mr. Bark Knight, sir!  Thanks for considering me as your sidekick!  It's an honor!"

You're welcome.  Well, let's go through the list of qualifications.  Do you consider yourself brave, resourceful, and justice-minded?

"Oh, yes.  As Easter Bunny, I have to explore all sorts of dangerous terrain and use my brain to hide Easter eggs creatively.  And I make sure all the eggs contain the same amount of candy, so it's fair."

Wow, that sounds excellent!  And are you available nights and weekends?

"Um...right, about that.  Unfortunately, I'm currently training the next batch of E.B.I.T.'s, which is taking up a good amount of my time.  So I don't think I can commit to the sidekick position right now."

Aw...that's a shame.  Well, I appreciate your coming in anyway.  If there's someone else outside, could you send them in on your way out?

 Hello, Spunky.  

"Holy hero worship!  It's the BARK KNIGHT!"


Wow.  I suddenly have a really good feeling about this final candidate, viewers...

Has our hero finally found the perfect sidekick candidate?  Will Spunky have objections to possibly wearing tights?  The answers to these and many more questions will be revealed in the next episode!  Same BARK-time, same BARK-channel!


  1. Good luck with your interview Spunky.

  2. Ooooohhh... the suspense is killing me! Will Spunky make it??? ***nibbling of bear claws*** (not the pastry...)

  3. Dear HR Manager,

    I am writing to you to follow up on my application for "Sidekick" which I submitted last week. If you have any questions, please contact me at ...

    1. Dear Mr. Adilovic:

      Thank you very much for submitting your recent job application. Unfortunately, you were not selected for the position. It was a very difficult decision, as there were many excellent candidates who responded to the position, but we could only choose one.

      We do wish you all the best with your future endeavors (like that Presidential campaign, which we'll be watching with interest). Again, thanks for your application.

      Warm regards,
      The Bark Knight