Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trains, planes, and...uh...more trains.

Hey, what's up, dogs?  It's good to be back after my involuntary absence.  Today my human said she thought I could use a field trip.  I think she's trying to distract me from the memory of being held against my will a few weeks ago.  

Anyway, we're visiting Northlandz, which advertises itself as the world's largest model railroad exhibit.  I apologize in advance for the low lighting in some of the pictures...I guess they're trying to set a mood.  

Here we go...

Wow.  This place is huge!  Look at all the details.

According to the website, there's over 8 miles of model railroad track at Northlandz, and over 100 model trains.  We saw some of the dormant trains here...

Some of the bridges reportedly span 40 feet!
I'm just a dog in the city.

Now I'm a dog in the country.
This must be the control room.  I wonder how much power it takes to run all the trains?  We asked the lady at the front desk, but she wasn't sure.  

Ooo, oooIt's a river of money!  People have been tossing little tips in the "stream" for decades.  

Look at all that loot.  It would be so easy to just...casually...reach down and...

(At this point, my human quickly snatched me up and proceeded to the next display.  What?  I wasn't doing anything!  I was just looking!  Honest!)

Northlandz also has lots of other collectibles on display.  

For instance, this case is full of vintage teddy bears.  My bear friends Sandy, Jerry and Ben, and Ajdin might find this interesting.  

Here's a case of Star Wars models and miniaturesAjdin Salmonfisher needs to pose with this one. 

And toward the end, there's a case full of every Beanie Baby known to man!
...Wait a minute.  Do you see what I see?  A familiar face!

Well, that's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed my little adventure.'s not tell Spunky we saw yet another of his relatives, okay?  I'm not sure he could go through that again.

Thanks for tuning in!  See you next time!


  1. Oh my another relative of Spunky's, this could get interesting. I bet you this relative of Spunky's is a train engineer. Actually, he kind of looks like Bill - Spunky's quiet sibling.

    1. Makes me wonder how many littermates Spunky had altogether...?

  2. Cool! Spunky would have fit right in at that miniature train exhibit...

    1. Ha Ha. Spunky might have even be considered a Giant at the exhibit.

  3. Wow! That was cool! Funny that Spunky's relative is hanging around a miniature train exhibit... hmmm...