Friday, April 1, 2016

K-9 Comedy Contest drawing, and birthday wishes

Hey, what's up, dogs!  Happy April 1st!

There's no time to CLOWN around!  Today I'm drawing the winner of the 1st Annual K-9 Comedy Contest.  Thanks to all who submitted jokes for consideration...they were DOGGONE HYSTERICAL.

All human will do the honors.  Drumroll please...


It's "J & B," otherwise known as Jerry and Ben. Congratulations!  J & B, please email me at and confirm the address where I should send your prize!
Also...Little Fox sent me a birthday postcard.  It reads "Givin' a shout out to all my dogs!"

This is perfect!  Thanks for the birthday wishes, LF!
Have a terrific day, everyone!


  1. I saw that card last Summer and knew it was perfect for you. Glad it arrived in time.

  2. Congrats boys! Happy Belated Birthday Droopy! How old are you? In Dog, Stuffie or Human Years?

  3. Can you make me a Bear Ross afro wig?