Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lucky foot

Hey, Grandpa.  Whatcha got there?

"Hello, laddie.  Well, you see, I went out yesterday and bought me some tickets for the lottery."

Oh, that's right!  Today is the big drawing for the PowerBark Lottery!  It's the biggest jackpot ever recorded in canine history!

"Indeed it is, me lad.  It's a long shot, but I thought I'd throw a few bones in the pot and see what happens."

"Well, you're a pretty lucky dog, Grandpa Angus," Patch said.  "Remember when we played poker?"

"Eh, but this is entirely different, laddie.  There must have been millions of tickets sold.  I wish there were a way to increase my luck."

To increase your luck...By Jove, I've got it!  Wait right here.  Don't move a muscle!

"Eh, now where is that lad off to in such a hurry?" Grandpa wondered.   

"Wow, Grandpa Angus," Spunky said.  "So if you did win the lottery...what would you do with all that money?"
"Hmm.  Well, Spunky me lad, I've always wanted to own my own farm."

"A farm?  Whoa.  You mean...oink oink, moo moo, that kind of farm?"

"Aye, it's been me dream for a long while.  So I think that's where I'd put me money.  --Ah, here comes me grandson back again.  And who's that with him?..."

Hey, Grandpa. I brought Carrots.  He has exactly what we need for your situation.
"Hi there!" Carrots said brightly.  "Droopy tells me you're looking for a little luck boost today?"

"Aye," Grandpa replied.

"Well then, step right up and rub my foot!"

"I beg yer pardon?" Grandpa exclaimed.

It's a rabbit's foot, Grandpa.  You know, a LUCKY rabbit's foot?

"Don't worry, it's clean!" Carrots said.  "I just washed this morning." 

"Oh," Grandpa hesitated.  "Er...okay then, laddie.  If you don't mind."

"Hee hee!" Carrots giggled.  "That tickles."

All right, thanks Carrots!  I guess we'll find out whether your lucky foot pays off.  Stay tuned everyone!  See you next time...


  1. If you win the big money, what will you do with it? Jerry suggests investing in a honey factory might be a beary good idea.

  2. Perhaps you should invest in a got chocolate factory as well.

  3. Or a honey farm... then you could operate it as a destination for visiting bear stuffy pals!