Thursday, October 15, 2015

Destination revealed!

Hey, what's up, dogs?  We are BACK from our human's vacation!!...and I can't wait to tell you where I got to go.  Grandpa Angus couldn't come because of his rheumatism, and Patch...well...he has a fear of flying.  So Spunky and I tagged along with our human as she went to a conference in...

...San Antonio, Texas!  This town is famous for its Riverwalk.  There are lots of cafes and restaurants all along the river, and you can pay to ride on a boat all through the town.  

And here's the most important landmark in San Antonio:  the Alamo.

Spunky looked confused.  

"Where's the ice cream?" he asked.


Spunky said, "I thought they always said, 'Remember the A La Mode!' "

Um.  I think you may have misunderstood, Spunky.  It's "Remember the Alamo," not "Remember the A La Mode."

"Oh. ice cream?"


Spunky looked disappointed.  Oh dear.  We'll have to do something to fix that later.

Regardless, this is a very historic place.  An important battle was fought here in 1836, as Texas fought for its independence from Mexico.  It was a true underdog story--fewer than 300 Texans against 5000 Mexican troops.  

Two of the most famous fighters on the Texan side were Doggie Crockett and James Bowwow.  As you can see, Doggie Crockett is very famous.  There are a lot of gift store items dedicated to him.

Oo, oo!  A coonskin cap, just like the one worn by Doggie Crockett!  I wonder how I'd look in one of those? 

Errrrm...I don't think this is going to work.  Too bad. 

Spunky still seems disappointed about the lack of ice cream.  Hey, Mom?  Let's fix that now, okay?

Ahh.  Much better.  San Antonio is still really hot this time of year!

Hope you enjoyed our little ramble through San Antonio.  We'll be returning to our regularly scheduled programming starting next week.  Until next time...


  1. That is my kind of convention. Lot's of touring, warm weather, and ice cream. It seems that the gift shop mispelled Doggie Croketts name, looks like they put Davie instead of Doggie on the book titles.

    1. It was fun, LF. I know, for some reasons humans stubbornly refer to him as Davy Crockett. We dogs know the truth.

    2. So true - did you get to ride on the river boats?