Monday, October 26, 2015

4H show--What dogs can, my favorite part of the fair

Hey, what's up, dogs?  Just wanted to finish up our 4H festival thread, which was interrupted when my human unexpectedly took Spunky and me on our trip to San Antonio.  

Anyway, at the 4H fair, there was a tent specifically for dog-related activities:  obedience testing and relays, agility races, and so on. 

Hmmm.  The other dogs are all impressive, in their own way.  But I bet none of them can write a blog!


"Good heavens!" Grandpa Angus exclaimed.  "What was that?"

Whoops...sorry.  That was my stomach.  I guess I'm getting hungry.

"Well, let's hurry and get you some grub, laddie!" Grandpa said.

So we headed for the midway and the food stands, checking out some more sights along the way.  We saw some stuffies waiting to go home with their new owners...

And also a juggler.  He was fun to watch.  I've never tried doing this, but Ajdin has done it before

 Here's where all the little humans were playing...

And finally, we came to our destination:  the food stands.

"So, what would you like, laddie?" Grandpa asked. 

Oh my gosh.  There are so many choices!  I don't know what I should eat first!

Cheesesteak sounds good.  Or maybe I'll have meatballs.  Or...

Wait, wait, WAIT.  What is THAT over there???....  These are the doggone biggest bones I've ever seen.  Hey, Grandpa!  You gotta see  this!

Grandpa's eyes grew wide.  

"Oh my stars!" he exclaimed.  

I can't think of a better way to end our 4H experience than with a huge, juicy, meaty bone.  I'm going to have to sign off for now, because I'm drooling too much to talk...but we'll see you next time!  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I did not see any salmon on that menu.

  2. Neat!!! I imagine you needed some big napkins after those big bones! But... I have to say... that looked a bit like a Dog & Human agility course!

    1. Yeah, it did look like the human was getting a workout too!

  3. The salmon is probably on the secret menu.