Monday, March 13, 2017


Hey, what's up, dogs?  My human's been cleaning out her closet recently, and in the process, she found this:  an old carry-on suitcase.  Still holding together well, but not really her style.  

WAIT!  Don't throw that out!  Maybe we can still use it somehow.  What do you think, guys?  

Let's get a look at the interior.  Hey!  This might make a cool clubhouse! 

"Hmm...It's not very big," Patch said.
"Are you kidding?  It's HUGE!" Spunky exclaimed. 

Grandpa cleared his throat.  "Ahem, me lads.  I have an idea.  I'll be right back."

Hmm, I wonder what Grandpa has in mind?  He ambled off...
...and returned shortly with a nice, fuzzy blanket.

"See here, lads," he explained.  "We haven't really had a proper bed to sleep in, have we?  Well, now we can solve that problem."

So we all helped Grandpa line the suitcase with the blanket...

...and the dog bed was finished!

Nice!  Wow, this is cozy and warm.  Great idea, Grandpa!  

"Waste not, want not," Grandpa replied wisely.

How about you, blog readers?  Have you ever up-cycled anything?


  1. Great job everyone! I am glad Spunky found a little spot for himself in the dog bed. Maybe you can put a small fridge near the dog bed for snacks?

  2. Oooh... a dog bed!! What a great idea. I agree with Little Fox - a small bar fridge with some little doggie treats would be perfect. A tiny bit of bacon, a smidge of chicken and you're good to go!

  3. Replies
    1. Now that I think about it, you might want to put a big fridge (not little) near the bed so Spunky feels OK about the fridge.

    2. I think all the rest of us would feel better about larger amounts of stored food, as well...

  4. And how about an HDTV? Stereo system? Swimming pool and jacuzzi?